The inspiration behind the logo is a dime.

It is said that a dime represents a sign that you are on the right path. To “turn on a dime” is an expression used often to signify changing course swiftly and efficiently resulting in a net positive outcome.

For several years, I contemplated what it would look and feel like to live fully in my purpose. It wasn’t until the world began to pause in 2020 that I realized exactly what my purpose is – to teach leadership and support other leaders to cultivate their authenticity, potential, and greatness. As I began to build my business, Leadership Mindset by Design, dimes began showing up everywhere I went and usually at the most random times and in random places. It was always a dime, not a nickel or a quarter or change, but a single dime.

To say this caught my attention is an understatement! The dime is represented by the number 10, which happens to be my favourite number and symbolizes coming full circle. The iconic sailboat on water that is the image on the back of a dime resonates so deeply with me – my personal experience in and around leadership my whole life and remaining the captain of my own ship navigating my leadership journey.

A dime is the perfect symbol for the work that is done within the Leadership Mindset by Design programs and services. We empower our clients to take back their personal power and step into their greatness, to captain their own leadership journey, and develop the tools and insights required to design a new path forward through the ups and downs and twists and turns that leaders face.

“To become the greatest leader you’ve ever known” is to look inside yourself and be the leader you hoped to have around you. There are times in the leadership journey that we need to remember that we must be the captain of our own ship and take ownership for our journey.

Each of us has the power and free will to choose or change our destination, and ultimately design (or redesign) our leadership journey.

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