As a young girl, my mom used to bring me to watch my older brother play soccer. It didn’t take long before I couldn’t remain on the sidelines and began to play. My drive to compete and lead others landed me on the field of play and in leadership roles from a young age.

Sport was my artistry. Sport was my sandbox. Sport gave me an arena to express my creativity and individuality, to develop the ability to navigate relationships and communicate effectively, and to compete and perform under ever-evolving circumstances. Most importantly, sport gave me the opportunity to hone my leadership potential from an early age.

Throughout my life, I have led others. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I fully realized that leadership is my passion and my purpose. Leading others to find their greatness within and to realize and embrace their individuality is my mission.

For the past 20 years, I have led others “off the field of play” as a coach, a CEO, a board member, and so on in organizations and boardrooms at the local, provincial and national level of the industry.

My greatest gift is leading others through challenging personal and professional situations where individuals, teams, and organizations have lost their way and can no longer unlock potential. I’ve helped leaders, teams, and organizations redesign themselves and the organizations they serve resulting in the achievement of personal and professional results they simply didn’t believe possible.

So often leaders are simply hired or promoted and we are expected to just figure it out. I’ve read many leadership books over my lifetime and while I enjoyed every single book, I also find myself having to go back to the text and re-read concepts to attempt to apply them in the workplace.

Leadership Mindset by Design was born out of a lifetime of leadership experience and developing and refining my leadership mindset along the way. Recognizing later in my leadership journey that a trusted confidante that was not a partner, friend, family member, fellow employee, or board member would have been transformational to my own leadership journey, I made the decision to be that for others. Leaders need a confidante to support their journey and navigate safely and successfully to their destination.

The challenges we face as leaders along our leadership journey do not have to be debilitating, lonely, demoralizing, and demotivating. There is an easier way and I’m ready to work with you to chart a new path forward.

Our work together will be transformative. It is rooted in a philosophy that leadership potential is in all of us, that each of us has a unique leadership style waiting to be discovered and fully expressed for incredible results. It is our birthright to find our greatness. I’ve seen organizations time and time again that have stagnated and even regressed as a result of broken workplace culture and leadership that has lost its way, unable to see possibility and opportunity.

I’m here to tell you that greatness is possible for any individual, team, or organization by nurturing the leadership qualities in each of us, developing leadership skill sets, and redesigning the environment so people can thrive.

My work is not about strategic planning or facilitating a meeting (although I can do this too). It is about redesigning people, teams, and organizations at their core and establishing a solid foundation that nurtures growth, development, success, and joy. I create real, meaningful, and lasting change and I’m ready to roll up my sleeves, get to the heart of the matter, the “eye of the storm”, and get to work with you.


I’m Eva.

Let’s connect.


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